Model No. PDC2500

Dual Camera

Say goodbye to manual zooming

Mounted to the inside of a police vehicle’s windshield, the Dual Camera features two built-in HD quality cameras – one capturing an overview of action outside the vehicle, the other a close-up view of objects in front, such as the car tag area of a suspect’s vehicle, without the need for manual zooming.

  • Two cameras in one
  • HD quality lenses
  • Adjustable windshield mount
  • Clear close-up capture
  • Works in bright or dark conditions
  • Virtual Synchronized Mapping™

Key Features

Two cameras in one

The Dual Camera’s wide-angle, 5.2mm lens captures a broad view of the situation while the zoom lens captures greater detail directly in front of the patrol vehicle.

Works at all light levels

The Dual Camera comes equipped with Super Wide Dynamic Range, an essential component for capturing enhanced image quality in bright or dark conditions.

Clear close-up capture

The Dual Camera's 25mm lens captures a clear shot of objects and individuals directly in front of the patrol vehicle.

Virtual Synchronized Mapping™

Every stop, start and turn is perfectly synced with the highest quality audio and video to provide a complete picture of the vehicle’s route.


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