Flexplay Pro 7 VC

Review video for detailed evidence

Google Maps™ sidebar display

Marked event list

Current video details

Date selection calendar

View all channels at once

Enhanced on-screen display

Virtual Synchronized Mapping

Timeline with event display

Playback controls

Informative interface

This innovative new software allows the user to view surveillance footage of all video channels at once, each displaying the channel number, officer name, vehicle ID, date and time, location, direction and speed.

Video & mapping side-by-side

Trace your vehicle’s route while reviewing recorded footage with FlexPlay Pro 7 VC’s convenient Google Maps™ sidebar interface.

Auto-load footage

FlexPlay Pro 7 VC automatically retrieves the first day of video data on the drive and loads it into the player for review.

Mask and Reveal tools

Protect the identity of the innocent by using the intuitive Mask tool to hide faces, or use the Reveal tool to identify suspects.