Model No. PWM1000

Wireless Microphone Set

Wireless audio in sync with in-car video

The body-worn Wireless Microphone activates when the DVR begins recording and triggers DVR recording when microphone’s record button is pressed.

  • Noise gate to filter distortions
  • Extended battery life
  • Automatic and manual recording
  • Inductive charging station
  • 99 selectable channels
  • Audio synced with in-car video

Key Features

Extended battery life

When fully charged, the Wireless Microphone’s battery life is two (2) days on standby or four (4) hours of continuous talk time.

Automatic and manual recording

The Wireless Microphone automatically begins transmitting to the DVR when video recording is triggered, and the microphone’s record button functions as a trigger for DVR recording.

Inductive charging station

The Wireless Microphone’s receiver also functions as an in-car inductive charging station. The HDXP8 DVR supports two (2) Wireless Microphone Sets.

Audio synced with in-car video

Audio is wirelessly transmitted to the HDXP8 DVR and saved in sync with video and audio captured by VizuCop cameras.


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