Model No. PM5501

All-in-one Monitor

Video review and event tagging

The All-in-One Monitor’s remarkably compact design provides convenient access to all live and previously recorded camera views, a button for manual DVR recording, 12 video event tags, and case number assignment.

  • Compact and unobtrusive
  • Tag video by incident type
  • Backlight and brightness control
  • RFID driver identification
  • View any combination of channels
  • Watch live or play recorded clips

Key Features

Compact and unobtrusive

The All-in-One Monitor can be adjusted to an optimal viewing angle for the driver or ride-along officer –- without obstructing the view of the windshield.

Backlight and brightness control

The rubber keypad has a 7-level backlight that adjusts to allow low-light viewing. The All-in-One Monitor also features a button for four levels of brightness.

You choose the view

Quickly toggle through available camera views, including Virtual Synchronized Mapping™ for a street map view in sync with recorded video.

Tag video by incident type

Press one of the incident buttons to tag video for easy review. Tagged incidents can be sorted and played in FlexPlay Pro 7 VC™ playback software.

RFID driver identification

Tap an RFID card to the All-in-One Monitor's built-in reader to embed the new driver’s identity in the recorded video.

Watch live or play recorded clips

Review video footage for quick on-site evidence, or use the All-in-One Monitor's live feed to monitor your surroundings.

* Optional feature


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