MotoTrax LE™*

Your fleet at your fingertips

Track your fleet of patrol vehicles in real time, view live video and create custom reports – all from one easy-to-use, online surveillance management application.

  • Live tracking
  • Live view
  • Route rewind
  • Remote DVR setup
  • Geo-fencing
  • Comprehensive reports

* Optional item

Key Features

Live Tracking

Know now where your vehicles are on patrol and in relation to each other – for faster response times and greater fleet efficiency.

Route Rewind

Review the events that occurred along the route and watch where the patrol vehicles traveled, stopped and idled from the officer’s perspective.


Designate specific areas on a map as boundaries for your vehicles and receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave those areas.

Live view

Stream live video from the Dual Camera, Back Seat Camera or up to eight (8) camera channels simultaneously for immediate answers in emergency situations.

Remote DVR setup

Change and update settings instantly on your DVRs from MotoTrax LE, instead of waiting until the end of the shift.

Comprehensive Reports

Create and customize a variety of specialized reports from fleet data, collected by MotoTrax LE, and export the reports into separate files, print the reports or send them via email.


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