Virtual Synchronized Mapping

Know exactly where you are

Built into the Dual Camera, this patented technology displays a street-map view with GPS accuracy – embedded, court-admissible and completely synchronized with recorded video.

  • Street-map view in real time
  • Patented technology
  • Fully synced with video
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Built into Dual Camera
  • Permanently embeds data

Key Features

Precise location

Every stop, start and turn is displayed in a street-map view, eliminating the guesswork of identifying the vehicle's precise location in real time and in video playback.

Embedded in video

VSM data is permanently embedded and completely synced with recorded video for reliable reference during playback.

Court admissible data

VSM technology is so accurate it is accepted as evidence in court. Location data is permanently embedded in recorded video to prove, without a doubt, the location of the incident caught on camera.

Patented technology

The first and only GPS tracking system of its kind, VSM technology is one of several technologies created and patented by AngelTrax, a leading innovator in mobile video surveillance and the manufacturer of VizuCop police video.


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